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Telus will be doing a session on Strategic Problem Solving and Game Theory. They will walk students through a framework students can use to solve problems, an example, and then explain how thinking through competitive responses allows you to make better decisions.


Member of TELUS’ Marketing Development Program. Currently in 2nd rotation on Koodo Customer Base Management Team. Previous rotation on the Conversational Interface Products and Services Team.

Sydney Caminetsky from telus

Raza Khan from telus

Marketing manager at Koodo where he owns the Roaming portfolio for the team. Graduated from Western University in 2016, joined the faculty at Ivey for two years where he taught 500 students and published two cases before coming to TELUS in July 2018. Loves working out, anime, rap music and mentoring!

Catherine Tu from telus

Member of TELUS’s Marketing Development Program, currently in her 1st rotation on the Mobile Devices Team, and her work involves service design and customer experience design. A fellow Rotman Commerce graduate, Catherine co-founded the Rotman Commerce Business Design Association, and is more than happy to talk about how to leverage design thinking in every-day problem solving. 

Danielle Karas from telus

Member of TELUS’ Marketing Development program, in her second rotation on the Koodo Marcom Team. In this rotation, Danielle primarily oversees the Koodo Refer-A-Friend program. Danielle’s previous rotation was on the Next Gen Solutions Team, under Mobile Devices.

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