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First Look

Sept 26th

The First Look will preview Rotman Commerce students to RCMA. It gives prospective members a chance to ask questions, meet current RCMA members, and see if they will be a good fit for the club. 

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Many of us have experienced the same thing: not knowing much about marketing besides digital marketing until we spend time researching in 2nd or 3rd year. We aid Rotman Commerce by introducing all our favorite courses to first and second years along with some tips and tricks (how to stay organized and on top of work, what resources they can leverage, and general advice) to have a work-life balance in university while achieving their professional goals. We aim to foster the connection between first years and upper years early on; Firsts and second years will have the chance to form a meaningful connection that extends beyond academics with upper years and learn more about their journeys and what RCMA stands for as a club.

Games, Networking, Dragons' Den 

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