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SEPT 13, 2021


First Pitch is an interactive, inviting, and informative event that gives you an inside look at the ins and outs of marketing and the RCMA. By attending First Look, you’ll learn more about the RCMA team, what studying marketing at Rotman Commerce looks like, and how you can get a head start on exploring a career in marketing. Although 2020’s First Pitch has already passed, make sure to come to 2021’s First Pitch or to our other events of the year which are highlighted under the “Events” tab.

Come Meet The Team!

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You'll be able to meet the RCMA team that consists of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years and get to talk to them about their experience on the RCMA. It is also a perfect opportunity for you to ask them for advice on careers in marketing, different specializations that Rotman Commerce offers, and a lot more! You'll also be meeting RCMA alumna that can tell you about their experiences on the RCMA and where they are up to currently. And last but not least, you'll be able to network among other students who are just as passionate and driven as you and make everlasting friendships!

Get an Introduction to Marketing!

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Learn what it means to specialize in marketing and build your familiarity with Rotman's most supportive community!


Hone Your Skills

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Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in interactive challenges, and make new friends in teams! This year, we challenged students with a mini case competition that they had to present in front of the other students, RCMA members, and RCMA alumna from Pepsi, Telus, and CapitalOne.

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Have a Blast!

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Food, friends, and lots of fun!!!

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More Pictures From First Look 2018

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