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Our mission is to provide a platform for students to learn, explore, and engage in the marketing industry and add value to their university career outside of the classroom.

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For the past 22 years, RCMA has been the number one resource for marketers at UofT Rotman Commerce and beyond.
Over 200 professionals are part of RCMA’s corporate partners and alumni network. With this network, RCMA brings what the corporate world is seeking for in marketers.
Through 5 events, the flagship conference, RCMA provides the most relevant and engaging events for marketers.
With the leadership and vision of 21 dedicated  students, RCMA provides a welcoming environment to help young and aspiring students develop their passion for the marketing world. 

Our Leaders



Martin Ng 

Liam-Vice President.png

Liam Thexton
Vice President

Pat - Events.jpg

Pat Kanatharana
Co-Director of Events

Aiden - Events.heic

Aiden Oh
Co-Director of Events

Isabel - Marketing .jpg

Isabel Cramer
Co-Director of Marketing

Evelyn- Marketing.jpg

Evelyn Chu 
 Co-Director of Marketing

Suna Lee - Finance .jpeg

Suna Lee
Co-Director of Finance

Ivy - Finance.JPG

Ivy Hou
Co-Director of Finance

Kristopher - CR.jpg

Kristopher Chan
Co-Director of Corporate Relations

Rojeh Mostofi - CR.jpg
Rasa Kamali.JPG

Rojeh Mostofi
Co-Director of Corporate Relations

Rasa Kamali
Co-Director of Internal Affairs


Ananya - Development.jpg
Vanessa - Development.jpg

Ananya Sharma
Co-Director of Development

Vanessa Simoes
Co-Director of Development


Elise Respicio-Jun
Co-Director of Internal Affairs



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President & Vice President

The President and The Vice President are the dynamic duo of the RCMA. They ensure that RCMA’s vision and strategy is executed through different initiatives including RCMC, Agencies After Dark, Prof-Off, First Look, and more. This duo also encourages and guides the organization and the team of individuals to always strive for new and innovative ways to improve and grow while always striving to achieve more.

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The finance portfolio connects all areas of the RCMA under one driver: money. To ensure all attendees receive the best experience from the RCMA, the finance director works across the organization to fund initiatives and manage our bank account in the most efficient way. From addressing financial sponsorship allocation to approving expenditures. 

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The events team transforms simple ideas into action. They work tirelessly to combine all of the elements from each portfolio team to exceed your expectations; we’re constantly innovating to adapt to your needs. Think of us as chefs, working hard to bring you the best new recipes while delivering some of your old favourites with a twist. This portfolio designs and executes events that will satisfy your hunger for skill development while entertaining you at the same time.

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The Marketing portfolio is responsible for making the RCMA pop! We design campaigns online and offline to share the RCMA’s message and end-user benefits to you, our consumer! We are always looking for ways to better engage with you, to develop even better events and programming, to ensure you have the best experience with us. We are structured by 4 main functions: Communications (Online content, key organizational messaging), Engagement (Experimental marketing efforts and RCMAHub initiatives), Insights (Research studies and innovative development) & Media (Photo and video content production).

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Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations portfolio serves as the liaison between the RCMA and corporate professionals. The CR Team is the first point of contact between the RCMA and any sponsoring companies, hence everyone on the team is very good-looking and charismatic. It is these same good looks and charisma that allows the CR Team to attract corporate sponsorship and representatives to RCMA events, aiding in increasing the quality of all events offered throughout the year.



The Development portfolio in RCMA leads our Junior Marketers Development Program (JPMD) as well as our Research Squad, which provides a platform for students to learn, explore, and engage in the marketing industry. Our goal is to strengthen our internal community, and provide intriguing, innovative, and value-enhancing opportunities for aspiring marketers in the RC community! 

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