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Due to rapid technological advancements and innovation in the industry, the workforce and responsibilities of a role are changing at a very fast pace. With these technological advancements job related technical skills are getting outdated quicker than it has ever before. It is becoming very evident that the people in the workforce now more so than ever must focus on not just developing their technical skills but also developing soft skills. These transferable soft skills will act as life-long skills that will help you to find both fulfilment and success at work that will last your whole career.

Hannah has enjoyed storytelling and writing her entire life, and after successfully joining a start up in 2017 in a business development role, joined the Canadian Marketing Association’s Initiatives and Strategy team in 2019. Since joining the CMA, Hannah has been working on CMA NXT, an initiative that helps student become more prepared and job ready, with founding lead sponsor RBC. She has a background in political science, and exercises her background to tackle business problems from unique perspectives.  

Sheldon leads the Initiatives and Strategy department with a focus on new growth projects at the Canadian Marketing Association. He has over 16 years of experience in marketing, branding, advertising, content production, and business growth strategy. Having worked in companies in New Zealand, Australia, India and now Canada he has gained a unique international business perspective.


Currently Sheldon is leading a new Student Initiative called CMA NXT with RBC as a founding lead sponsor. Through CMA NXT, students will learn about the range of marketing roles within different organizations, how to develop their professional network and prepare effectively for job interviews. They will gain insights into emerging technologies and professional trends, and how these could affect the future of marketing. In addition, they will have the opportunity to develop communications and other soft skills to improve their chances of finding the right role and achieving success in their jobs.



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